Nanny Care recommends that parents do the following background check to ensure the safety of their children. What To Verify From Your Caregiver Verify a caregiver’s identity to ensure that the candidate is using real identification through a background check. This can be verified by asking for a caregiver’s social security card, driver’s license and […]

The INA (International Nanny Association provides information, education, and guidance to the public and to industry professionals. They have created some great material to help families who are considering hiring a nanny. Please take the time to read the following articles.   A Nanny for Your Family   Recommended Practices for Nannies

                Always communicate with your nanny. If there is an issue, don’t wait. Have an open, honest conversation and tell her what is bothering you.

Full Time nannies usually come to your home M-F from 8am-5pm or 8-10 hours per day. Some full time/live-in nannies are paid hourly or earn a weekly salary. The going rate for a live-out nanny is $10-$20/hr or $400-$800/wk depending on the location, a number of children and responsibilities (excluding professional nannies that can make […]

So, why do parents prefer a nanny over a daycare or preschool? Having your own nanny who comes to your home and takes care of your children can make life a lot easier on parents.

Time Frame of the Economy Affect on Hiring Nannies Prior to the Recession: Before the recession, most nannies have experienced professionals who had been doing it for years… but when the economy took a dive, many women became nannies solely to pay their bills. We saw many office and admin assistants and telemarketers step into […]

There are different types of nannies. Some examples include college-aged nannies, grandmother nannies, retired teachers, baby nurses, night nannies, housekeeper nannies, and babysitters. It is important to decide prior to your search which type of nanny is the best fit for you and your family. Keep in mind that a college-aged nanny is probably not […]

 Nanny Definition– A nanny is employed by a family in either a live-in or live-out basis and can be full-time or part-time. The function of a nanny is essentially to be responsible and to care for all the children in the home in a largely unsupervised setting. Duties are typically focused on childcare and any […]

If you’ve tried finding a nanny yourself and have decided that it’s just too much work, you may want to try hiring a nanny agency to do the job for you. Here are some questions to consider that will help you decide which nanny agency to use.

Looking to find the perfect nanny isn’t always easy but if you follow these steps it will shorten the process. Step 1 Analyze your own situation and figure out what your needs are. Think about whether you want the nanny to live in or out, how many hours you’d like the nanny to work, what […]

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