Full Time nannies usually come to your home M-F from 8am-5pm or 8-10 hours per day. Some full time/live-in nannies are paid hourly or earn a weekly salary. The going rate for a live-out nanny is $10-$20/hr or $400-$800/wk depending on the location, a number of children and responsibilities (excluding professional nannies that can make upwards of $1000wk). It is highly recommended that you decide on an hourly rate for the nanny if used over her regular hours.

In addition, some full-time nannies live-in the home with the family. These are called “live-in nannies”. If this is the case, most live-in nannies usually expect to have a schedule just like any other nanny. Many families believe that if they have a live-in nanny then they can use her all hours of the day and have the nanny at their beck and call. This usually isn’t the case, and when this happens, the nanny usually winds up quitting because she feels taken advantage of. If the family uses the nanny over the agreed upon a number of hours then they should pay the nanny extra. Live in nannies are expected to make a little less because they are getting free room and board. The salary for a live-in nanny is usually around $500-$600wk (for 40-50 hrs) depending on the job requirements (excluding professional nannies who tend to make more). Live in nannies usually, do more housekeeping than regular nannies as well as laundry and cooking. Live in nannies usually work M-F from 7am-5pm at a minimum and then they can either leave on the weekend or stay and go do their own things on the weekends with their friends and family.

Part time nannies can come to your home a few days per week or every day for a certain amount of hours. Many families use part time after-school nannies to pick up the children from school and take them to their activities. There are also many families that have a nanny come and help the mom or dad. These are called “mommy’s helpers or daddy’s helpers”. These helpers tend to be part time and may assist the parent by providing an extra pair of hands or caring for the children by themselves. Part time nannies are great sources to give the parents some extra time for themselves, and allow them to get their own things done – whether business or personal. The average pay for part time is $12-$20/hr depending on how many children and the job duties.

A babysitter is someone that just comes on occasion usually for a date night here and there. It is highly recommended that a family find a babysitter that they like and use them over and over versus using a different person every time. I personally wouldn’t want to be introducing my child to different people but would rather her become familiar with one person that she can look forward to seeing every so often. Although there are on-call babysitters, most babysitters appreciate a little heads up so that they can plan in advance. Parents should always put the same effort and time into screening for babysitters as they do a nanny, including checking references, making sure the nanny has CPR & First Aid certifications as well as a thorough background check. Even though the babysitter may only be used one time for a few hours, hiring the wrong person can be equally as dangerous as hiring the wrong full-time nanny. The average pay for a babysitter is $12-$20/hr depending on how many hours and the number of children being cared for.

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