Always communicate with your nanny. If there is an issue, don’t wait. Have an open, honest conversation and tell her what is bothering you.

If he/she is not getting enough done or isn’t engaging the child as much as you’d like, make the nanny a list of things you’d like done by the end of each day. Be sure that before the nanny start, you go over what’s acceptable and not acceptable in your household.

Common nanny behavior problems may include. Nanny…

  • Is late often.
  • Is getting driving tickets or gets a DUI.
  • Asks to be paid in advance.
  • Calls in sick a lot.
  • Keeps asking for more and more things to her advantage. (i.e. getting off early)
  • Doesn’t clean up after herself or the children
  • Is lethargic and sits in front of the TV too much
  • Is not watching the child well enough
  • Is not feeding the child healthy food.
  • Is on the phone or computer 24/7
  • Is doing her homework all day and not watching the children.
  • Is in a bad mood every day.
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