Please use our free forms for hiring a nanny. These forms will help you every step of the way, from the first interview until the very end when you make a job offer. They will also ensure that you find and hire the right nanny and are on the path to a successful, healthy, long term nanny-employer relationship. Our forms are also customizable for each individual family.

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Never leave a nanny or any caregiver alone with a child without doing a thorough pre-employment background check. You should be able to run an extensive background check for less than $100. 

Parents, you may also want to read the article titled “Interviewing Tips”. This will help you get ready for the in-person interview. General Sample Interview Questions: 1. Why do you want to be a nanny vs. working at a preschool or day care? 2. What was your last childcare experience like, and why did it […]

1. Interview and Observation Explore why this nanny wants to be a nanny. Has she been a nanny before? What makes her interested in your particular job vs. somebody else’s job. 
How does the nanny feel about working long hours? Being a full time nanny is much different from part time nanny responsibilities, babysitting or […]

It is highly recommended that parents initiate a nanny contract (otherwise known as a nanny work agreement) with the nanny upon a conditional job offer. The nanny contract should cover basic issues such as: the days and hours the nanny will be working, the number of children the nanny will be caring for, all responsibilities […]

1.Does the nanny know how to get a hold of us at all times? 2. Did we write down the nannies hours? 3. Did we confirm the start date? 4. Did we negotiate pay? 5. Does the nanny know exactly what household duties are expected?

It is important for the nanny to ask their own questions so that they know enough information about the job. They will need to know the answers in order to decide if the job is a good fit. Here are some general questions that should be asked by the nanny:

It is essential that as parents you give your new nanny or caregiver important emergency information. They must be able to reach you at all times and they must know important numbers for relatives and neighbors in case of an emergency situation.

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