Steps To Hiring A Nanny Through

The biggest benefit of using is that it’s easy to find nannies in your area. We’ve created a place where nannies and families can easily connect. 

Step 1: Contact Nannies Through Private Message

Your job is easy. You just contact nannies through private messaging and introduce yourself. Take notes and always go with your gut.

Some things to discuss in the email:

  • How many children need care and what their ages are
  • Your job days and hours
  • What pay rate you’re offering
  • Date that your job starts
  • Where you are located
  • Whether your’e looking for someone long or short term
  • Whether or not you need any housekeeping or cooking
  • If your job requires any driving


Step 2: Phone Interview

If the nanny messages you back and sounds interested, ask the nanny when she is available for a phone interview. During the phone interview, Introduce yourself and share a little about your family and your occupations. Remember that the nannies you speak with are also evaluating you and your family to decide whether they are interested in your job, so be prepared to answer basic questions about your family and the job you’re offering.The most important part of the phone interview is for you to get an idea of the nanny’s level of experience and how long she stayed at her previous jobs. Go over her past experience and always ask what she likes about being a nanny. You may also want to ask the nanny if they’re looking to be paid under the table or through payroll since this can be a deal breaker.


Step 3: Decide If You Want To Interview The Nanny In-Person

After your phone interview, decide if you’d like to move forward and meet this nanny in person. For the ones you want to decline, politely reply something like, “Thank you for your interest in our position. At this time, we will not be moving forward with an in-person interview but wish you the best.”

For the in-person interview, decide where you’d like to meet. Some families opt for a local coffee shop (as a precaution so that a rejected nanny will not know where you live) while others just have the nannies come to their home. If you choose to meet the nanny first outside the home, make sure that the second interview is at your home so that she can see what the day to day environment will be like. Be sure to give the interview enough time to go over everything and also interact with your children. If you have more than one interview the same day, make sure you space them out so that you have time to gather your thoughts and take notes in between. offers sample interview questions that are very helpful, especially if you have never gone through this process before.


Step 4: Background Check Your Nanny

Every family should run an extensive background check before they make a hiring decision. Nannies can purchase a preliminary background check through our site.  We can also run a more extensive check at their request through our a la carte background check services (additional fees apply). We can add  County criminal searches, Federal searches and a DMV check.


Step 5:

If the nanny’s extensive background check comes back clear, then you’ll want to make a job offer. We recommend using a nanny work agreement so that there is no miscommunication and you’ll know that both of you are on the same page. Click here for’s nanny contract.

Always Go With Your Gut

Wendy Pierce, CEO of, tells all of her clients to always go with their guts and never second guess their intuition. You will most likely meet quite a few nannies during this process and you really want to go with the one that makes you want to jump up and down. The one that makes your head say “That’s the one!”. When you’ve found “the one” you’ll want to make sure she doesn’t get hired by anyone else and you will immediately want her to know that your interested in hiring her and want her to come back for a trial run. If you have any reservations, just move on.


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