We have an abundance of information to help you find and hire the perfect nanny or babysitter. Here are a few of our most read articles and don’t forget to use our sample forms when your ready to start the interviewing and hiring process.

There are many pros and cons to hiring a live-in nanny, especially if you need care for your children that are not on a set schedule. Most live in nannies work when they are needed, although they do appreciate some kind of set hours. Live in nannies are generally there when you need them. A […]

This really depends on the nanny. Some nannies are more than happy to help you out around the house, as long as it does not interfere with caring for the children. Other nannies are adamant about not doing any housework. You will need to ask the nanny during her interview how she feels about this […]

  Many issues are not easy to see coming, especially when families have so many other things going, like juggling kids, after school activities, work and running the home. It’s easy to put nanny issues on the back burner. Parents may not realize that the nanny is taking on much more work than she originally […]

Never leave a nanny or any caregiver alone with a child without doing a thorough pre-employment background check. You should be able to run an extensive background check for less than $100. 

A nanny or babysitter should always provide you with at least 3 references that you can call and speak with. If they also provide you with the family’s e-mail, make sure you get a chance to talk parent to parent since e-mails can be orchestrated. If they have less than a year or two of […]

Are you looking for a babysitter? Is this the first time that you are leaving your child(ren) alone with someone that is not related to you? This can be extremely stressful even if your babysitter is someone that came highly recommended by someone you trust.

  Are you wondering if you made the right decision? One of the key elements is to trust your gut instinct. If you had a great interview, received outstanding references from her former employers and had a great trial run, then you probably made the right decision. Also, don’t forget to make sure the nanny […]

Alarm System-Do you have an alarm system? If you do then you need to go over exactly how it works with your new nanny or you may be getting a frantic phone call on her first day of work. Make sure she knows what to do in case of an emergency and if/when your nanny […]

Many household employees ask for or expect the following: • Paid Time Off (PTO): typically 5 – 15 days paid off, (usually consisting of at least 1 week vacation and 4-6 sick days). The dates for vacation time are mutually agreed on by the family and nanny. • Health insurance (most families do not offer […]

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