***Red Flag Alert*** If the reference pauses when you ask for them or seems hesitant or nervous to speak with you, take this as a red flag. If they quickly ask if they can call you back another time, this is also a bad sign since they may not know what to say and either […]

If you have someone working in your home then you should look into purchasing worker’s compensation for this person. This will provide coverage for medical, physical rehabilitation and lost wages in the event that the nanny gets hurt and is no longer able to work. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is important that both families get along well and preferably have known each other for a number of years. If you go into this with someone you don’t know and they wind up being different from what you anticipated, then you will find yourself in a mess. It is best to have each party […]

It is recommended that families call their insurance company and ask what type of coverage they currently have on their home owner’s policy. You may want to raise the amounts for certain coverages in case an accident happens when the nanny or babysitting is working. Be sure to ask about no-fault medical coverage.

Whether it’s on good or bad terms, letting go of your nanny is never easy. If your nanny has done a good job and the reason you are letting them go has nothing to do with them (you lost your job, are dealing other financial issues, decided to stay home, etc) then you should always […]

It is extremely important to run a background check on the caregiver or nanny that you decide to hire. If the candidate has opted to run a background check on themselves, it is highly recommended that you also run a background check since a person can control what type of background check is being ran. […]

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