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Nanny Care has created multiple informative articles for nannies, caregivers and home-helpers. These informative articles will give you helpful tips and advice to help get through the entire employment process. Be sure to also check out our free forms that are also very helpful; such as our nanny application, sample interview questions (these will help you get prepared for your in-person interview) and nanny work contract.

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What Can a Nanny Expect From Her Employer?







Whether you’ve been a nanny before or are looking into being a nanny, there are certain things you should know before making any decisions. A question most nannies have is what to expect in terms of salary and how to determine what the salary should be for the job. (more…)

What Are the Basic Requirements for Nannies?







If you are a parent searching for a nanny, you’re probably wondering what makes a nanny eligible to be a nanny. Although there are no set guidelines for what a nanny has to have (besides legal work status and Trustline if the nanny is working in California), here is some advice to help you decide if the nanny is qualified enough for your job. (more…)

Choosing The Right Nanny Position



Accepting the right nanny position is a huge decision, since most families want or expect a year long commitment from the nanny. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up being miserable. Take a look at the following tips while considering a nanny position.

How Much Housekeeping Should a Nanny Do?

This really depends on the nanny. Some nannies are more than happy to help you out around the house, as long as it does not interfere with caring for the children. Other nannies are adamant about not doing any housework. You will need to ask the nanny during her interview how she feels about this subject. You will also want to ask her references the same question. Many nannies will tell you that they don’t mind just to get the job but you will soon find out that the chores are either not being done or are getting done with little effort. If you are looking for a “housekeeper/nanny” make sure you are straight forward in your ads and during the interview. Nannies get very upset when they are hired to be a nanny and are then given a laundry list of housekeeping duties. Make sure you go over exactly what type of housekeeping you need since you may have different ideas about what heavy or light housekeeping entails. You will also want to be clear on how much cooking and laundry is needed. (more…)

Advice For Nannies

Before jumping into the world of being a nanny, it is wise to take a moment to determine if the nanny profession is right for you. Here are a few factors that nannies should consider:

-Nannies must love children and genuinely enjoy being around them.

-Nannies must be a calm, patient person who does not have a temper. Being around children for extended periods of time can easily become nerve racking and overwhelming (just ask any mom), so you really need to assess your personality traits prior to diving into the nanny world. (more…)

Should Nannies Background Check Themselves?

It is recommended for nannies to undergo a national background check on themselves if they want to be taken seriously by the family. This simple process lets the family know that the nanny understands the importance of having a clear record when working with children and shows a sense of preparedness. Think of it this way – in most occasions, it is a $50-$100 investment that will benefit you and help you in your profession. Most families will want to run a social security search, a National Criminal Database search, in-house county criminal searches in the main cities you’ve lived in for the past 7 years, a sex offender search and a Department of Motor Vehicles search. You can have that search or one like it done here at USSearch.com. If you already have this done, the family will be very impressed. It is the same with CPR certification. When you have these things, the family sees you as a professional, cautious nanny ready to start work. It is also a fact that over 80% of nannies who already have a background check and CPR and First Aid will be contacted more-so than a nanny without these qualifications. Some nannies may wait for the family to hire them and then let the family pay for the checks, but in a competitive nanny job market, (more…)

Should I Use a Nanny Agency or Online Service?

Most professional nannies will tell you that the more you put yourself out there, the higher your chances are of finding a great job. It is best to register with a few different nanny agencies as well as an online nanny service. Most agencies will let you sign up with other agencies and most agencies offer free services for nannies, so it will only increase your chances. Once you get everything together for your first interview with a nanny agency you will just need to make copies and bring them to the other agencies. You can also use the same documentation (more…)

What Benefits Do Nannies Get?

Many nannies ask for the following:
• Paid Time Off (PTO): (typically 5 – 15 days paid days off, usually consisting of at least 1 week vacation and 4-6 sick days). The dates for vacation time are mutually agreed on by both the family and nanny.
• Health insurance (typically 50% paid by family for first year, often fully paid after first year)
• Gas mileage reimbursement if nanny is required to use her car to transport children to/from activities
• 6 or more Federal holidays paid (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas always guaranteed).
• Performance and wage reviews (usually every 6 months)
• Reimbursement for job related expenses
• Annual bonuses (more…)