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Background Checks

Background Checks

It is extremely important to run a background check on the caregiver or nanny that you decide to hire.If the candidate has opted to run a background check on themselves, it is highly recommended that you also run a background check since a person can control what type of background check is being ran. It is also extremely important to do a National background check since local county searches are only limited to individual counties. If you only run a background check in the nanny’s current county, you may be missing any crimes the nanny may have committed previously in different cities.

A good nanny background check will include a Social Security Number Search (this usually includes a name alias search and address history search), a National criminal database search, National sex offender search, and most importantly a 7 year county criminal search in the main counties the nanny has resided (ideally all counties). In addition to the background check, we recommend running a Department of Motor Vehicle search to make sure the candidate hasn’t had extensive tickets, an accident, a DUI or DWI.

Make sure you do a comprehensive background check that will enable you to make the smart hiring decision for the safety of your family.

What Type Of Background Check Does NannyCare.com Run?

Every NannyCare.com nanny or caregiver has an extensive criminal records check performed before she is listed on our site. All nannies and caregivers sign our Disclosure & Authorization Form allowing us to run a comprehensive background check on them.

The NannyCare.com Extensive Background Check includes the following:

Social Security Address Trace Report-This is an instant check. It provides insight into the applicant’s residency and movement patterns by returning the full name, age, and date of birth, complete address history and may contain dates and phone numbers at listed addresses. The data is crosschecked through the Social Security Death index which is designed to prevent stealing of a deceased person’s identity.

Nationwide Criminal Intel Search & National Sex Offender Search– Usually instant. A powerful multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records. This database is complied from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This search includes the National Sex & Violent Offender Database, P.R.I.O.R.S. And the Foreign Nationals Database (Global Report).

7 Year Unlimited County Criminal Search- Turn around time is 1-10 business days. A social security trace report is run and the system automatically pre-pulls and searches all counties returned on the SDN trace for the primary name and maiden name if they have been married during the past 7 years. Additional access fees may apply to certain counties

Federal Criminal Records Search In Main County Resided in Over Past 7 Years- Turn around time is usually 12-48 hours. Returns Federal Criminal Filings/Records. Helps identify convictions for crimes that may not fall under state or local-laws. Examples of records returned are: Kidnapping, bank robbery and counterfeiting.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)- Usually instant. Searches information compiled from an individual state’s Department of Moto Vehicles. Reports access 3-7 years of license data or longer (depending on the state) and may include such information as license status, suspensions, revocations, moving violations, DUI’s, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions.

Limits On Background Checks

It’s important to understand that background checks are not always accurate and may not reveal a person’s complete criminal history. With that said, we can do our best and attempt to find anything that might be there.

NannyCare uses a third party to run comprehensive background checks on all nannies listed on it’s site. It’s important to understand that there are limitations to criminal record searches per state. This is due to each state having variations in laws as well as variations in state and county criminal record reporting systems. A well known factor is that many states prohibit reporting records that are more than seven years old. In some states, such as California, Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York, vendors can only report criminal convictions (not arrest or other non-conviction information, no matter how old it is). Some states, such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey and various counties in Illinois and Michigan, the vendor does not search every courthouse. In states where all courthouses are not searched, only certain felonies and some gross misdemeanors (in the case of New Jersey), are revealed. There are also additional limitations in certain jurisdictions on the Federal level. Furthermore, if the person being checked provides false information related to their home address, social security number, date of birth and name, the check will be ran with incorrect information and this can highly impact the results and validity of the check. Lastly, there is always human and electronic error that can effect results. If information is put in inaccurately or there is incomplete reporting, the results can be be invalid. To put it simply, even the most thorough, comprehensive background check may not disclose the presence of a criminal record.

We believe that every family should conduct a thorough background check on their nanny or caregiver. We believe that our background check is very thorough and try our best to uncover any red flags. With that said, background checks are not always accurate and they should not solely be relied on to determine a person’s complete criminal history. A background check is a good indicator of a person’s history but should just be one part of the hiring process. We strongly recommend that a background check only be used as one part of a candidate selection and hiring process. A background check is not a substitution for interviewing & screening candidates and references should always be verifying. Parent’s should always conduct in-person interviews, obtain copies of the applicant’s identification (such as social security card and driver’s license), verify references, conduct social media searches and continue to monitor any person they hire to care for their children.