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The 4 Main Types of Nannies: Full time, Part Time, Live-in & Babysitters

Full Time nannies usually come to your home M-F from 8am-5pm or 8-10 hours per day. Some full time nannies are paid hourly or earn a weekly salary. The going rate for a live-out nanny is $10-$20/hr or $400-$800/wk depending on the number of children and responsibilities (excluding professional nannies that can make upwards of $1000wk). It is highly recommended that you decide on an hourly rate for the nanny if used over her regular hours. (more…)

Nanny vs. Preschool

So, why do parents prefer a nanny over a daycare or preschool? Having your own nanny who comes to your home and takes care of your children can make life a lot easier on parents. (more…)

How Has the Economy Affected Hiring a Nanny?

Before the recession, most nannies were experienced professionals who had been doing it for years… but when the economy took a dive, many women became nannies solely to pay their bills. We saw many office and admin assistants and telemarketers step into the nanny world only as a means to make ends meet. On the flip side, during this time, many nurses and teachers who lost their jobs took up an interest in the nanny profession. This created an assortment of women, ones who were looking to get into the field as well as the ones who had been there for many years working as nannies. It was very hard for the career professionals to compete with nannies who were willing to take much less, especially when families couldn’t afford to pay what they were paying in better times. (more…)

Deciding Which Type of Nanny is Right For You

There are different types of nannies. Some examples include college aged nannies, grandmother nannies, retired teachers, baby nurses, night nannies, housekeeper nannies and babysitters. It is important to decide prior to your search which type of nanny is the best fit for you and your family. Keep in mind that a college aged nanny is probably not going to be around for the long-run – whether it’s due to more schooling, travel or taking the decision to settle down themselves. College aged nannies are usually recommended to families that are looking for no more than a yearlong commitment. If a family has a newborn and is looking for someone until the baby starts school, then a more experienced nanny that can give a longer commitment of 3-5 years would be a better fit. If the family has school aged children, nannies with teaching degrees or who are in college studying to be a teacher are always great, especially if they need tutoring. For a family that has an infant and toddler, it’s wise to hire someone that is in the middle – a nanny with enough energy to keep up with the children and give a longer commitment. (more…)

Definition of Nanny and Other Household Help

Nanny – A nanny is employed by a family in either a live-in or live-out basis and can be full time or part time. The function of a nanny is essentially to be responsible to care for all the children in the home in a largely unsupervised setting. Duties are typically focused on childcare and any household chores or tasks related to the children. A nanny may or may not have any formal training; however, many have significant actual experience. A full time nanny typically works at least 40 hours a week while a part time nanny works an average of 20 hours/week. Most live-out nannies are paid between $12-$20/hr depending on their experience level. Live-in nannies are paid between $400-$800/week plus room and board (depending on experience). (more…)

How To Choose The Right Nanny Agency

If you’ve tried finding a nanny yourself and have decided that it’s just too much work, you may want to try hiring a nanny agency to do the job for you. Here are some questions to consider that will help you decide which nanny agency to use. (more…)

Steps To Find a Nanny, On Your Own or Through an Agency…

Finding the perfect nanny isn’t always easy but if you follow these steps it will shorten the process.

Step 1

Analyze your own situation and figure out what your needs are. Think about whether you want the nanny to live in or out, how many hours you’d like the nanny to work, what the schedule will be, what type of nanny your looking for (college aged or older), and what type of duties the nanny will be doing (housework, driving the children, errands, feeding the pets etc). If you plan on using a nanny agency, you will definitely want to know these things before you call since they will ask you all of these questions right away. Also, consider what hourly rate or salary you are comfortable paying the nanny. Once you get all the details figured out, it’s time to start looking for a nanny. (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Live-in Nanny

There are many pros to hiring a live in nanny, especially if you need care for your children that is not on a set schedule. Most live in nannies work when they are needed, although they do appreciate some kind of set hours. Live in nannies are generally there when you need them. A live in nanny generally receives free room and board as well as use of the family car. They are usually paid a weekly salary of around $500/wk for 40-50 hours. Live in nannies are usually willing to help with housework and cooking. They are great for families that need someone that can lend a hand with whatever is needed. Families do need to be careful not to overwork the live in nanny. Just because she lives there does not mean that she is supposed to work 24/7. They will still need breaks and time off. Most live in nannies request 2 days off per week. You will also need to be careful not to put too much on the nanny’s plate. If you expect her to do everything (childcare, housekeeping, cooking, pets etc.) she may feel tired, overwhelmed, unappreciated and quit. (more…)

How Much Housekeeping Should a Nanny Do?

This really depends on the nanny. Some nannies are more than happy to help you out around the house, as long as it does not interfere with caring for the children. Other nannies are adamant about not doing any housework. You will need to ask the nanny during her interview how she feels about this subject. You will also want to ask her references the same question. Many nannies will tell you that they don’t mind just to get the job but you will soon find out that the chores are either not being done or are getting done with little effort. If you are looking for a “housekeeper/nanny” make sure you are straight forward in your ads and during the interview. Nannies get very upset when they are hired to be a nanny and are then given a laundry list of housekeeping duties. Make sure you go over exactly what type of housekeeping you need since you may have different ideas about what heavy or light housekeeping entails. You will also want to be clear on how much cooking and laundry is needed. (more…)