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There are a few products and services associated with hiring a nanny or caregiver. Please take a look at what our partners offer. There are also articles to read on our site that can help you decide whether or not the product or service is right for you.

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Nanny Cam

Should parents use nanny cameras?

There are many sides to this story. There is the side that says that you shouldn’t bother hiring someone if you feel the need to monitor their behavior and actions. Then there is the side that sits on precaution and says that it is nothing personal about the individual and it’s just something to make the parent(s) more at ease when they can’t be with their child(ren). On the caregiver’s side, there are nannies that will not work for a family that uses surveillance because they feel uncomfortable and violated, being watched at all times (even when they are eating or feel the need to scratch their noses or buttock). Many nannies have quit jobs due to finding a hidden nanny camera in a stuffed animal, clock or electronic device. (more…)