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What Do Nannies Bring To Work

Most professional nannies know exactly what to bring with them to work. However, if this is your first real nanny job, you may want to take notes.

You will definitely want to bring your own lunch, drink (water bottle filled with your favorite drink or Gatorade works great!) and snacks. Throughout the day, you should be able to snack and drink when you need to. You definitely need all that energy to get you through the day! Be sure to pack a lunch or a fanny pack, which work perfectly for those healthy pick-me-ups such as nature grain bars and almonds. Some families will even let you bring food every week and just leave it in the refrigerator. That way you have your own food already there and can avoid the hassle of having to pack a lunch every day. When it comes down to it, most families are even completely fine with you eating their food, as long as you ask beforehand.

A lot of nannies will bring different activities to work with them to keep the kiddies occupied. These often include children’s books, coloring books, educational toys and so forth. Of course, the family will also have their own toys, but children get so excited when they see something new.

There are places to find great low cost items that a nanny may need. You may be able to find useful items such as backpacks, lunch totes, children’s books, toys, arts and crafts materials and other miscellaneous items through great online deals or store sales. Many nannies also find great deals at a thrift stores.

Just remember, the better prepared you are, the easier your day will be. If the children are happy and entertained then your day will go by much faster!

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