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Deciding Which Type of Nanny is Right For You

There are different types of nannies. Some examples include college aged nannies, grandmother nannies, retired teachers, baby nurses, night nannies, housekeeper nannies and babysitters. It is important to decide prior to your search which type of nanny is the best fit for you and your family. Keep in mind that a college aged nanny is probably not going to be around for the long-run – whether it’s due to more schooling, travel or taking the decision to settle down themselves. College aged nannies are usually recommended to families that are looking for no more than a yearlong commitment. If a family has a newborn and is looking for someone until the baby starts school, then a more experienced nanny that can give a longer commitment of 3-5 years would be a better fit. If the family has school aged children, nannies with teaching degrees or who are in college studying to be a teacher are always great, especially if they need tutoring. For a family that has an infant and toddler, it’s wise to hire someone that is in the middle – a nanny with enough energy to keep up with the children and give a longer commitment.

Evaluating your options and making the right choice from the start will ease the stress involved with the process. One of the worst experiences is having a nanny leave after the children have become attached, thus having to endure the entire search process again.

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