Are you wondering if you made the right decision? One of the key elements is to trust your gut instinct. If you had a great interview, received outstanding references from her former employers and had a great trial run, then you probably made the right decision. Also, don’t forget to make sure the nanny has a clear national criminal and sex offender background check as well as current CPR and First Aid certification.



Helpful Tips:

  • Get feedback from your nanny.
  • Stop by unexpectedly and take a look (the old “I forgot something” always works great).
  • Ask the children how things are going (if they are old enough).
  • Make sure you give a thorough orientation that includes all medical and emergency forms.
  • Ask your nanny to keep a journal.
  • Give your nanny a daily checklist or your own journal or binder that she can resort to when needed.
  • Call and check in to see how things are going (you can tell a lot from the nanny’s tone, energy and background noise).
  • Have a friend of family member stop by to see how things are going.
  • Invite your nanny over for dinner to get to know each other better.

By following these tips and using our Sample Orientation Form, you should be starting off on the right foot and heading towards a healthy nanny-employer relationship. Lastly, don’t forget to give your nanny a Medical Release Form in case there is an emergency situation. and the slogan "We put care in finding a nanny" are registered trademarks does not employ any caregiver ( nanny, babysitter, newborn specialist, elderly caregiver or housekeeper ) listed on our site and accepts no responsibility for provider's (client, family, user, parent) selection of a caregiver, or for any caregiver's conduct or performance. Provider is ultimately responsible for selecting a caregiver and for complying with all applicable laws that may apply when employing a household employee. Provider is fully responsible for their caregiver selection, checking references, interviewing and screening applicants and interpreting the background check results.'s screening services and background checks are not a substitution for a provider doing their own thorough screening. Caregivers should never be hired on the spot or without being interviewed in-person first. Our site provides an abundance of helpful tools, articles and resources to help families make smart, safe hiring decisions.