Alarm System-Do you have an alarm system? If you do then you need to go over exactly how it works with your new nanny or you may be getting a frantic phone call on her first day of work. Make sure she knows what to do in case of an emergency and if/when your nanny is supposed to set it herself. If the system has a panic button, make sure she knows exactly how to use it. Your best bet is to teach her how to use it and then do a test run to make sure she understands it correctly. You may also want to put some notes in a binder that she can resort to if needed.

Answering Door- Your nanny should never open the door for anyone she doesn’t know PERIOD. She can always tell them that her employer told her that rule and to just leave a note. If you are expecting mail or a delivery, make sure your nanny has been told about it. If someone ever comes to the door and is argumentative or does not leave, make sure your nanny knows to call 911.Also, make sure the nanny knows of anyone who is not allowed at the home. Make sure the nanny also knows that the children should not answer the door under any condition.

Car Seats- It is very important that you teach your nanny how to properly install car seats. If she will be driving the family car then make sure she knows how your car seat works. Car seats should always be tightly fastened. If you have any questions on how to properly install a car seat, you can go to any fire station and they will make sure it is installed correctly.

Driving Safely-If the nanny is going to be using your car then you will need to show her how your car works, including all dashboard and regular lights, child and regular car locks and brakes. It’s a good idea to do a test drive with your nanny to make sure she is comfortable with your car. Make sure your nanny knows NEVER to talk or text on the phone when she is driving.

Self Defense-It is not out of the question to give your nanny pepper spray to be used if she or your child is ever attacked by a person or animal. Make sure she knows when and how it is used.

Fire-Go over the basic fire safety measures with your nanny. If your not sure what they are then stop by your local fires station and grab a pamphlet. Make sure she knows where all the smoke detectors are as well as exit routes in the home. It’s smart to do a trial drill with the children. Don’t forget to show her where the smoke detector batteries are just in case they start beeping out of nowhere. You can also include this in your nanny binder.

Water-This is important, especially if you have a pool. Make sure your nanny knows what the rules and safety procedures are. The nanny should know that the children are NEVER allowed in the yard unsupervised under any conditions (especially when there is a pool). Show your nanny where the life jackets are and when they are to be worn (i.e. within so many feet from the water or pool). If friends are invited over, make sure they also have life jackets.

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