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Should I Use Different Nannies And Babysitters?

It is highly recommended that a family find a babysitter that they like and use them over and over versus using a different person every time. I personally wouldn’t want to be introducing my child to different people but would rather them become familiar with one person that they can look forward to seeing every so often. It’s not necessarily “bad” to use different babysitters each time, but if you have a choice, it’s definitely better to use the same babysitter. When parents start their search to find a babysitter, they should always put the same amount of effort and time into the process as they would trying to find a nanny, including checking references, making sure the babysitter has CPR & First Aid certifications as well as a thorough babysitter background check. Even though the babysitter may only be used one time for a few hours, hiring the wrong person can be very dangerous. Make sure you do all the appropriate screening when you find a babysitter so that you have piece of mind when leaving the babysitter with your precious little ones.

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