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Nanny Benefits-What’s the Norm?

Many household employees ask for or expect the following:
• Paid Time Off (PTO): typically 5 – 15 days paid off, (usually consisting of at least 1 week vacation and 4-6 sick days). The dates for vacation time are mutually agreed on by the family and nanny.
• Health insurance (typically 50% paid by family for first year and fully paid after first year)
• Gas reimbursement if nanny is required to use her car to transport children to/from activities
• 6 or more Federal holidays paid (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas).
• Performance and wage reviews (usually every 6 months)
• Reimbursements for job related expenses
• Annual bonuses

On average, a family will offer gas mileage reimbursement, 4-6 paid sick days, all the main holidays off and 1 week of paid vacation per year. Most families cannot afford to offer health insurance, so if the nanny receives it, they should be very happy!

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