“I’m bored!” In case you’re job is a babysitter or nanny for kids, probabilities are that you’re also familiar with this particular phrase. So, what will you do in this case?

For the best chances of hooking — & holding — kids’ attention, plan for activities which engage their sense and that is at an even level of difficulty (neither too simple, not too demanding). And don’t just give up if you’re having hard time brainstorming creative new ideas.

So, next time a little one whines that, “I’m bored!,” have a look at this list of 50 parent-approved, kid-friendly things to do easily as a nanny or baby sitter with the kids:


1. Explore nature, go on a nature hike.

2. Plant a tree.

3. Bake cookies for neighbors — or family.

4. Act out the kid’s favorite book.

5. Visit interactive museum.

6. Have fun with paints and art.

7. Have catch in the backyard or Local Park.

8. Build up an indoor fort or tent with bed sheets and couches.

9. Play Frisbee game.

10. Go to local libraries.

11. Turn on radio and then dance.

12. Or Play Simon.

13. Get dresses in last year Halloween costumes and then have costume parade.

14. Make paper mache.

15. Put together jigsaw puzzle.

16. Make homemade playing dough.

17. Follow no-bake recipes.

18. Play bowling.

19. Plan scavenger hunt.

20. Host picnic lunch — outdoors or indoors.

21. String together macaroni to make jewelry.

22. Learn to tie-dye the T-shirts.

23. Head outdoors for birds watching.

24. Pull out dress box, put funny clothes and go for a photo shoot.

25. Create time capsule.

26. Play balloon volleyball.

27. Write letter to soldiers.

28. Have potatoes-sack race.

29. Camp out in backyard.

30. Play Simone says.

31. Make up secret handshakes.

32. Count on how many times do you spin in circle without getting giddy.

33. Make fruit kabob.

34. Create s’mores.

35. Play lily-pad leaps with small towels and rugs strategically placed throughout living room or playroom.

36. Draw mural with sidewalk chalks.

37. Construct indoor obstacle courses.

38. Choreograph dance routines.

39. Host movie night. Plan it by drawing ticket, making popcorn and making your room like theater.

40. Pull out old socks and sketch faces on them so as to make sock puppet.

41. Find rocks and paint them.

42. Make friendship bracelets.

43. Exercise the finger-painting skill.

44. Play Twister or fun kids board games.

45. Take silly picture with a camera.

46. Practice saying 50 states in the alphabetical order.

47. Have a tea party.

48. Host at-home fields day, complete with tugs of war and colors.

49. Explore smaller areas of nature using magnifying glasses.

50. Experiment outside with science.

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