Before jumping into the world of being a nanny, it is wise to take a moment to determine if the nanny profession is right for you. Here are a few factors that nannies should consider:

  • Nannies must love children and genuinely enjoy being around them.
  • Nannies must be a calm, patient person who does not have a temper. Being around children for extended periods of time can easily become nerve racking and overwhelming (just ask any mom), so you really need to assess your personality traits prior to diving into the nanny world.
  • Nannies should adopt an understanding of Child Development – whether it be through taking classes at your local college or reading books on the different ages and developmental stages.
  • Get CPR and First Aid certified. These days nannies can even do it online and print out your certificate the same day. Our special rate for nannies who take the ProFirstAid class (adult, child, and infant CPR and First aid certification) is only $34.95! 
  • Get a background check performed on yourself. Nannies who have background checks already done are more than 80% likely to get hired than those who don’t. Having a background check completed shows parents that you are serious, reliable, professional and understand the importance of having a safe person in their home, watching over their loved ones. 
  • Nannies need to be organized. If you plan your day’s activities ahead of time, then the days will go by much faster and in a smoother manner.
  • Communicate with your employers. If they do something that upsets you, don’t hold it in. It is also common courtesy to always ask before doing something unexpected, such as bringing a guest over or changing anything in the pre-set schedule. Nannies need to have constant communication for a healthy ongoing employer-nanny relationship. If you have an issue, speak with the parents directly. They will respect you more and the next time it will be easier.
  • Nannies need to act and dress professionally. If you take your job seriously, so will your employers.
  • Connect with other nannies. There are plenty of online nanny networks, including, that allows you to meet and interact with fellow nannies. Many nannies know of families looking for nannies. They may have passed on the job, but it could be perfect for you.There are also associations like the International Nanny Association ( that has a lot of resources and valuable information for nannies. and the slogan "We put care in finding a nanny" are registered trademarks does not employ any caregiver ( nanny, babysitter, newborn specialist, elderly caregiver or housekeeper ) listed on our site and accepts no responsibility for provider's (client, family, user, parent) selection of a caregiver, or for any caregiver's conduct or performance. Provider is ultimately responsible for selecting a caregiver and for complying with all applicable laws that may apply when employing a household employee. Provider is fully responsible for their caregiver selection, checking references, interviewing and screening applicants and interpreting the background check results.'s screening services and background checks are not a substitution for a provider doing their own thorough screening. Caregivers should never be hired on the spot or without being interviewed in-person first. Our site provides an abundance of helpful tools, articles and resources to help families make smart, safe hiring decisions.