Many issues are not easy to see coming, especially when families have so many other things going, like juggling kids, after school activities, work and running the home. It’s easy to put nanny issues on the back burner. Parents may not realize that the nanny is taking on much more work than she originally signed up for, whether it’s intentional or not. Some nannies may not express that they are feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated until they up and suddenly quit. One way to avoid this is by completing a nanny work agreement (nanny contract) with your nanny so that there are no misunderstandings of any kind. Click Here for’s sample nanny work agreement.


Here are some examples of mistreating your nanny;

  • Working the nanny long hours with no breaks
  • Expecting the nanny to do heavy housekeeping in additional to caring for the children, and cooking and caring for the pets (everything and the kitchen sink!)
  • Not allowing the nanny to eat or making them eat in a separate room
  • Constantly expecting the nanny to be at the family’s beck and call 24/7
  • Treating the nanny like a second class citizen
  • Talking to the nanny in a condescending manner (especially in front of others)
  • Not paying the nanny what you agreed on
  • Not paying the nanny when you’re supposed to pay them

If you do any of these things, then you are heading straight for trouble. Even though the nanny may put up with this in the short-run, it’s just a matter of time before the nanny gets upset and quits. Taking advantage of your nanny will always come back and bite you in the rear. Depending on the degree of what was done, the nanny may retaliate as soon as she quits her job. She may turn you in left and right for breaking state laws and could also file a wrongful termination lawsuit. So treat your nanny respectfully and always be considerate of their feelings. Take a minute to stop and ask yourself “Is my nanny happy?” and whether or not you are doing your best to be a good, fair employer. Remember, “happy nanny” does contribute to making a  “happy family”. and the slogan "We put care in finding a nanny" are registered trademarks does not employ any caregiver ( nanny, babysitter, newborn specialist, elderly caregiver or housekeeper ) listed on our site and accepts no responsibility for provider's (client, family, user, parent) selection of a caregiver, or for any caregiver's conduct or performance. Provider is ultimately responsible for selecting a caregiver and for complying with all applicable laws that may apply when employing a household employee. Provider is fully responsible for their caregiver selection, checking references, interviewing and screening applicants and interpreting the background check results.'s screening services and background checks are not a substitution for a provider doing their own thorough screening. Caregivers should never be hired on the spot or without being interviewed in-person first. Our site provides an abundance of helpful tools, articles and resources to help families make smart, safe hiring decisions.